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Cloud Gurus LLC is a cloud computing solutions provider helping you establish and manage cloud assets.

Cloud Gurus LLC is Registered Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services.

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Our expertise is in productivity increase and cost reduction driven by adoption of cloud computing technologies. We specialize in cloud operations.

By choosing Cloud Gurus, you are free to focus your resources on building business rather than investing in and running IT infrastructure and support services.

Established in 2008, Cloud Gurus LLC is privately owned company based in Silicon Valley, California.

Our staff includes season veterans and experts in cloud computing, scaling and system administration. We know how to establish, manage and operate your web presence in the cloud.

We have teams in Silicon Valley, California and Eastern Europe.

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Security must be built into the core of your system. Staying on top with latest security developments is our daily routine. We securely manage your cloud assets!


Proper foundations are essential for succesful implementation. We can design, architect and implement your cloud presence having in mind your unique security and privacy rules.

Migrate / Orchestrate

We can migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud or provision new assets from the scratch. We can wire and orchestrate your web applications.

Configure / Scale

We can configure, scale and load balance your web applications. We will configure backup, system and application log rotation. We will proactively monitor applications.

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